Discover Zamboanga Sibugay a grand radiance brilliantly shining in the heart of Zamboanga Peninsula, beckoning and inviting, promising a peculiar experience only Sibugay can offer. Indeed, the “Emerging Pearl of the Southern Seas” that you will find exotic and unforgettable – a creation to be cherished.

As you step in majestic Sibugay, fill your eyes with the play of diversified panorama of a vast world of skies and emerald waters, carpets of endless verdant green tropical vegetation, opulent mountains and hills and long strips of white beaches that line the shore.

Truly, colorful Sibugay promises you a wide array of choices to experience nature’s wonders. Get it all in Sibugay.

Feel the stretch of fine white sand under your feet and frolic on the crystal clear shallow waters of the beaches in Looc Labuan in Tungawan and Gubawang Beach in Naga, or choose to catch the kaleidoscopic sunrise in Anduhol Beach Resort in Ipil.

Bask on the beauty of Buluan Island in Ipil, Litayon Island and Sibugay Sinking Island in Alicia, Bangan Island and Looc-Labuan in Tungawan and Pandilusan Island in Payao that boasts of unspoiled white sand beach kissed by gentle waters, perfect for fishing, swimming, jet skiing, regatta, power boat racing and other aqua sports.

Delight on the cool, soothing waters of Baluran Falls in Imelda and Tigpalay Falls in Tungawan, all nested in lush landscape – an ideal getaway for city dwellers.

The friendly terrains of Sibugay also include Mt. Kipit that serves as Ipil’s backdrop nesting under puffy gigantic clouds. Then to really give you that close brush with adrenalin pumping adventure is a visit to the Sea Snake Sanctuary in Olutanga where you will witness thousands of sea snakes trained and controlled by a tribal leader. An addition to this exciting experience is a close view of the Crocodile Sanctuary in Siay.

Zamboanga Sibugay was virtually baptized and named by the flowing waters of the river that is the landmark of the province. Tradition has it that one day, a visitor and a town datu were paddling their way down the river when the traveler posed the question… “What is this river called?”

The Moalboal Cave in Titay, that features a human face hewn in stone by time, is another attraction that awaits you. All these picturesque glories and many more, unite to make known to the world, the glory and grandeur of Zamboanga Sibugay.

The noise of the paddles slapping and cleaving through the waters drowned out his voice and the datu beckoned him to draw nearer, saying in the Subano tongue “Sibug ani bagay” – meaning “Come closer friend.”

Eventually, the river came to be known as Sibugay and later on, the same name was given to a bay and the new province through whose towns the river ebbed and flowed.